Women's Empowerment Sessions, Retreats, Seminars and Conferences.

Courses and Programs listed but not limited to:

-Are you a Lady of Influence? (all women)

-Ladies in-Charge (CEO, Ministry Leader, Decision Makers, etc.)

-Boss Ladies of Influence Mastermind (Business Owners)

-Young Ladies of Influence Bootcamp (ages 13-18)

​-Single, Saved and Want to be Married...

-Living on Purpose using my INFLUENCE...

For More information, leave a message below or contact us at aladyofinfluence@gmail.com

Registration is Currently Open for Programs listed below. 

A Lady of Influence 

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Are you a Lady of Influence? (to Engage, Empower & Equip Ladies)

-Mastermind Groups (invitation & membership required)

-Seminars/Webinars-Registration required (small settings for Life and/or Business Coaching)

-Conferences (empowerment events open to the public)

Join the A.C.T.S Tribe "Actively Caring Through Serving" there are many opportunities to serve the community.  (read Matthew 25: 31-40)

-Hitting the Streets: feeding the homeless

-Lunch Buddies: mentoring school age girls during their lunch time

-My Sister & I: becoming a pen pal to ladies in prison and assisting with life skills to those recently released.

-Sister 2 Sister: loving and assisting those experiencing Domestic Violience

-Assisting Living: visiting the elderly in nursing facilities

-ACTS of Love- helping ladies during the death of loved ones and visiting those who are sick and shut-in

  (by invitation and referral ONLY).