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Eddrina T. Clark

I am so excited that you have stopped by to visit this website.

I hope that You will be Influenced to Live the Life that God ordained for YOU…  I am the founder of A Lady of Influence Academy, Inc. and I want to share more information about me, this organization and why it was established.  It is my desire that you stay connected by subscribing to our mailing list, follow us on Social Media and register for any upcoming events.  After receiving all the information that you need, you will say YES! You are a Lady of Influence.

When I received an email 2 months before my wedding date stating “I changed my mind” I thought that I would never get over the pain, the betrayal or embarrassment.  I wrote my first book “Are You a Lady of Influence?” in 2008 and I wasn’t quite sure the totality of WHY?  IT was meant to be a gift to my Pastor’s wife, but then I knew it would encourage other ladies around the world. HOWEVER during this process GOD kept asking ME “Are You a Lady of Influence?” believe me I DID NOT want to answer, but my spirit would answer for me and say YES! I am a Lady of Influence. I knew that I had to Overcome my challenges and Lead others to victory.

About the Founder

I am The Dream Transformer- Your Midwife “I will help you deliver your baby -Your Purpose”
I am The Instructor – Your Coach “I will give you successful tools for Personal Development”
I am The Enthusiast – Your Encourager “I will Motivate You to Do and BE what God said”
Also a Transformational Speaker, Life Coach, Author and Business Owner serving as the CEO/Founder of A Lady of Influence Academy, Inc. and Eddrina T. Clark Enterprises.

As a Life Coach to Leading Ladies, my purpose is to help others rebuild their lifestyle, confidence and effectiveness and to discover their God ordained Purpose. My interest are building personal lifestyle brands, redeveloping your transparent identity and encouraging sisterhood.

I am here to assist you in Personal Development, Writing your Book and/or Women’s Empowerment.

Please let me know how I can Serve YOU into Your Destiny.

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