A Lady of Influence 

Mr. Jaylin Robinson attending NC Central University

Lady Mary Malloy

Ellerbe, NC

Ministry Lady of the Year

A Lady of Influence is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a global mission that is commissioned by God to advance His Kingdom by influencing, impacting and including ladies to Overcome their challenges and Lead them to Victory.  We are the 7 Mountain Influencers leading in the areas of  Faith, Business, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Media and Family.
Esther 4:14 for such a time as this...

Our core values are Influence, Impact and Inclusion

Our objective is to model the behavior of  women in the bible by using Godly principles in our everyday circumstances.

Our initiatives are Serving the Community, Women's Empowerment and Evangelism.

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Miss Taylor Parrish attending Pfeiffer University

Lady Charlotte Garth

Rockingham, NC

Business Lady of the Year

Life will bring you Challenges, but having the right prospective will determine whether you will Overcome or be defeated.  As a Lady of Influence you have chosen to Overcome your challenges and Lead others to Victory by teaching them what you have learned.

Ladies, we enter into the Kingdom of God through tribulations (Acts 14:22) and we Overcome by our testimony (Revelation 12:11). In life we will have challenges. Don’t Run from them and Don’t try to avoid them.  God has a specific assignment for you to Overcome and Lead. Others are watching you and depending on you to use your INFLUENCE. GOD is with YOU so that He can be Glorified in the earth. You have been chosen for this assignment.  Greater is your Reward (Genesis 15:1). 

2019 June Ava Jackson Scholarship Recipients.

2019 A Lady of Influence of the Year.